This site will be shutdown on Oct 1, 2021. We suggest that you use in the future. We are not affiliated with that site in any ways. Just looks the next best option.

Your TV Schedule

The easiest way to keep track of your favourite TV shows! Never miss the next episode again, nor forget which episode you watched last. To get started:

1. Create the TV shows that you are watching.

YTVS beginners guide step 1
YTVS beginners guide step 2

2. Add seasons and episodes.

YTVS beginners guide step 3
YTVS beginners guide step 4
YTVS beginners guide step 5
YTVS beginners guide step 6

3. Go to the "Subscription" (aka. "My favourites" - on the old website) page to see when the next episode will be released for the TV shows that you have created.

YTVS beginners guide step 7

NOTE: after you create a TV show, you will be automatically subscribed to it (you can unsubscribe later, if you want).

OPTIONAL: you can subscribe to TV shows created by other users as well, but be aware that the dates can be wrong.

Old and new site comparison

The main difference between the old and the new site is this: on the old site, i (the admin) was the only one creating/updating all the TV shows. But on this site (the new site), everyone can create and update TV shows which he/she is watching.